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Las Vegas child support lawyer and child custody attorneyDuring the time you and your spouse are undergoing your legal separation, divorce, or annulment proceedings, your child’s future must be taken into account. If their parents are going to separate, their needs must still be met.

A parenting plan ensures that a child’s needs are met and their future protected in case their parents separate. The plan indicates how the parents will divide the responsibilities in taking care of the child and how issues can be resolved even if the parents are not living together anymore.

Here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law in North Las Vegas, NV, we can help you sort out a parenting plan for your child. We will help you understand how the process goes and how we can help you make the decision for your child’s future. We will also assist in drafting the plan for you and present it to your spouse on your behalf.

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What does Nevada law say about parenting plans?

North Las Vegas Parenting Plan Lawyer fathers rights segment opt 300x199Nevada’s state law is very clear when it comes to parenting plans. It is under the Nevada Revised Statutes, Title 11, Chapter 125. This chapter indicates what couples must remember if they wish to dissolve their marriage and what they must remember during child custody agreements. Typically, joint custody is preferred because it will serve a child’s best interest. But, arrangements can be made if evidence shows that the other party will be unable to provide the responsibilities that will be assigned to them.

The statutes also define the court’s role in determining child custody and if they can step in when the parties are unable to sort out the parenting plan for the child. The court will look into every aspect of the case to determine what parenting plan is ideal for the child’s situation.

What Should be in the Parenting Plan?

paternity lawyer Las VegasWhether both parties decide to draft the agreement on your own or with an attorney, it must protect your child’s interest and future. It must list down the following points:

  • Custody arrangement between parents and who will be their guardian
  • Child visitation schedule, especially during the holidays and vacations
  • Decision-making authority for either one or both parents
  • Dispute resolution for any future conflicts
  • Provisions on how the parenting plan can be revised as the child grows
  • Communication agreements between the parent and children
  • Stipulations for child removal in the state
  • First right of refusal clause that enables a parent to get more time with the child before the custodial parent calls in a baby-sitter
  • Stipulations regarding relocation and support agreements

Additional issues and points must also be listed in the parenting plan. If you are planning to create one for your child, you need a lawyer to guide you through the plan and draft it for you. Seek the help of our team at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law so they can assist you throughout this process.

What About Child Custody?

father with child, child custody Las VegasWhen it comes to child custody, you need to ensure that the parenting plan lists down who will be the custodial parent. The child’s best interest must always be protected, and the court must also see why custody must be given to a certain parent.

Under the Revised Statutes, the court will check the child’s needs and wishes, the parent’s capability to provide for the child, and other factors that may hamper custody. If domestic violence is a factor in the case (whether the parent or any other person in the child’s home done the crime against the child), special provisions will be ordered by the court to protect the child. Limited or supervised visitation rights may be given to the parent in question or denied full visitation rights.

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