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North Las Vegas Mediation Attorney

couple considering divorce in Las VegasFor most people, family court cases are the hardest ones to face because they are very personal, and the emotional impact can be stressful for everyone involved. There is also the fact that special arrangements must be made for the children, properties must be divided and there might be arrangements for alimony. Getting the arrangements sorted out can be draining, and if you do not have the right support to guide you through the mediation process, you might get a poor deal out of it.

To help you get through this trying time, you can reach out to us here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law in North Las Vegas. We have been assisting clients facing tough family court cases for years now, and our compassionate North Las Vegasmediation lawyers can help you get through this tough legal battle you are currently facing. We can explain to you each process of the legal case and help you make the right decisions in the process.

No matter what family court case you are experiencing – from divorce to father’s rights – we are ready to help you in whatever way we can to provide you with the best legal outcome your family needs.

Contact Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law today at (702) 919-6469 for your free consultation!

Experienced Family and Divorce Lawyers

North Las Vegas Mediation Attorney child support attorney segment 300x199North Las Vegas, NV’s laws allow one party to request a divorce proceeding even without evidence; if they don’t want to be married anymore. The other party cannot stop the proceeding from taking place as long as the requirements are met. But, the proceeding won’t be smooth-sailing even if one party can start the legal battle without evidence.

Divorce is filled with a lot of paperwork and has to follow specific guidelines and timelines before it can be resolved. Both parties will be drained after these proceedings, especially as the judge looks into the issue more closely. Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you get legal advice, representation, and prepare you in dealing with the aftermath of the case.

If you want to escape your unhappy or abusive relationship, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law wants you to know that we are here to help you out and represent your rights.

Child Custody and Child Support Law Firm

Las Vegas child support lawyer and child custody attorneyIt is complicated to fight for family court cases in North Las Vegas because of the requirements that are involved. The issue also takes a different turn when a child gets involved in the proceeding. The result of the case can change a child’s future completely.

Here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we will consider your child’s welfare when we work on your case. We will make sure that your children will get the support and home environment they need to grow in and become successful with good relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you are a single or divorced parent, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law knows that your priority is your children’s welfare and we will do our best to fight for your rights as their parent and ensure that their future will be safe.

Free Consultation Available

North Las Vegas Mediation Attorney logo 1 1 opt 300x75If you want a law office in North Las Vegas that you can trust, you will not go wrong with Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law. Our team of North Las Vegas mediation attorneys is always ready to represent you in these difficult situations, such as mediation, and make sure that your rights and that of your children will be protected. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

Contact Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law today at (702) 919-6469 for your free consultation with a Mediation Lawyer!