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Whitney Legal Separation Lawyer

couple arguing in front of child during divorceIt is not easy to tell when the one you are with is the right one for you until you marry them. After marriage, you get to see what your partner is like up close. If you discover that he or she is not who they seem to be, it can be hard to be with them, and you may wish to separate from them.

But, undergoing divorce proceedings can be tricky and lengthy, which can be draining if the reasons why you wish to separate from them are severe. It may also be possible that you may want to restore your relationship with them once they change and admit to their flaws.

Legal separation is a good alternative if you wish to separate from your spouse without undergoing a divorce. You will still be married to them, but you will be allowed to leave them with your children. If you plan to take this route, you need legal assistance to ensure that your rights are recognized and supported. With our lawyers here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law in Whitney, we can help you understand the legal implications this action will bring to you and your children. Our assistance also aims to help you make an informed decision for your future.

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Legal Separation in Nevada

Whitney Legal Separation Lawyer child custody segment opt 300x199Legal Separation is recognized in Whitney, NV, unlike other states under the Nevada Revised Statutes 125.190 to 125.270. Under legal separation, a party can separate and resolve any legal issues that they may have without requesting a divorce. This will also list down their legal rights and obligations, especially to their children.

Either party can request for legal separation, and the grounds for requesting it is similar to divorce. Nevada is considered a no-fault state, which means anyone can request for divorce or separation. Incompatibility is the usual reason why couples in Nevada get a divorce and is also the reason they request legal separation.

When the court receives the notice, the court will determine how assets will be divided, child custody, and the parenting schedule. Child and spousal support will also be considered during the proceedings. If you have an existing prenuptial agreement, it can be enforced by the court after sorting out the legal separation proceedings.

What Should You Do If You Get a Court Order?

documents regarding divorceAn order for legal separation must be seen as an important issue because the court enforces it. Even if one party is against it or the terms do not consider their situation, they cannot stop the court order.

As such, the responding party must file their response within the time limit since the order was issued. Both parties must also play an active part during the hearing so that their positions are heard and considered in the separation agreement. Failure to do so will result in one party losing any rights to assets, support, and even child custody.

The lawyers of Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law in Whitney can help you during this time as they can check your case, see how they can help and represent you in court. They will also check if the legal separation agreement matches your needs, as well as answer your inquiries regarding the legal proceedings.

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Whitney Legal Separation Lawyer logo 1 1 opt 300x75Whether you need someone to answer your inquiries about any part of Nevada state law or representation in court for divorce, child custody, or legal separation, we are here to help. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is dedicated to helping anyone looking for legal assistance and ensuring that we will do our best to protect your rights and that of your family in these challenging times.

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