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father's rights lawyer and paternity attorney Las Vegas, NVFather’s rights have become a big focus in family law. Historically, the mother has been the caregiver for children while the father’s role is breadwinner for the family. As such, it was common practice for the mother to obtain rights of custody of their children, with child support and/or alimony paid by the father.

These roles are no longer the norm for households today. Families now have a diverse makeup, and more fathers are taking on the role of caregiver. We understand that fathers are not only capable caregivers, they desire a closer relationship with their children. Our Summerlin father’s rights attorneys help fathers build a loving relationship with their children through legal processes that ensure their rights of access.

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Establishing Paternity

paternity lawyer Las VegasMore couples are choosing to have children outside of marriage, but few men realize the impact this has on their rights as a father. Whether or not you are on good terms with the mother, it is important for fathers to establish their paternity and file for a formal child custody order to protect their rights of access to your child, especially if your relationship with the mother does not last.

Before you can obtain your rights as a father, you must first establish your paternity of the child. If you are married at the time the child is born, then your paternity is assumed. However, if you are not married, then you will need to take some additional steps to prove that you are the rightful father. Nevada law provides two different ways to establish paternity.

  1. Both parents must sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity in front of a notary and file it with the Nevada Office of Vital Records. If this is done prior to the birth of the child, then the unmarried father can sign the birth certificate at the time of birth. If filed after, then the father’s name will be entered to the birth certificate once the form is completed and filed.
  2. Either the father or mother can initiate a paternity hearing through the court system to prove paternity of a child under the age of 21. DNA testing may be performed if one of the parents denies or questions the identity of the father.

If the mother of your child is married to another man at the time of the birth of your child, then you will not have the option to file the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, and paternity will have to be established using the court system.

Protecting Unmarried Father’s Rights

Las Vegas child custody and child support law firmOnce you have established paternity and are acknowledged as the father of your child, you will still have to take further steps to gain rights of access. Establishing paternity simply means that you are responsible for supporting the child financially. It does not provide you with any decision making or time-sharing rights; these will have to be established separately.

If no formal child custody order is in place with the courts, you essentially have no legal rights of access to your children. You may have a verbal agreement that you get your kids every other weekend. If the mother decides not to honor this agreement, law enforcement will not assist you in regaining access. Our Father’s Rights Attorneys are dedicated to helping men protect their relationship with their kids through dedicated and experienced legal support from a skilled father’s rights attorney.

Obtaining Your Rights as a Father

child custody and child support attorney Las VegasObtaining your rights as a father is done through filing a Complaint for Custody with a Summerlin, NV Family Court. A temporary arrangement may be entered into the courts early in the process to help you maintain your rights to a consistent relationship with your child. However, it is up to the parents to agree on a permanent custody solution, and if they are unable to do so, a trial will be held, and the results are binding. Having an experienced fathers rights attorney on your side can help you get the access you desire.

Whether you are working through child custody as part of divorce proceedings, or are an unmarried father looking to obtain rights regarding their minor children, our Summerlins father’s rights attorneys can assist you with any legal component of the process, as well as provide you with advice drawn from our many years of fathers rights expertise.

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Summerlin Father's Rights & Paternity Attorney logo 1 1 opt 300x75We help you to be more than a father- we provide you the opportunity to be a dad. Our Summerlin Father’s Rights lawyers help fathers protect their rights of access to their children.

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