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Fathers also play a crucial role in nurturing their children into well-rounded individuals, serving as their most robust support and providing them with the necessary love. Unfortunately, not all fathers can fulfill this role for various reasons, such as being unmarried or divorced from the child’s mother or unaware of their rights.

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Fortunately, Nevada recognizes the importance of granting fathers equal rights and opportunities, offering legal avenues to advocate for these rights. There are laws in place to rectify any mistakes, particularly if it’s proven that the father is not the biological parent. However, before the courts consider their stance, these men must demonstrate their understanding of the legal implications and readiness to assume responsibility as the child’s legal father.

Regardless of your circumstances, you can rely on the Summerlin father’s rights lawyers at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to assist you with your case. We will navigate you through every stage of the paternity case, ensuring careful handling to mitigate any potential issues that could impact your relationship with the child or your future. Our team will also provide knowledgeable guidance to assist you in making well-informed decisions throughout the proceedings.

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Paternity in Nevada

In Nevada, paternity is the legal relationship between a child and a father. This means that even if a man is the biological parent of the child, they may not be considered the legal father if the child was adopted or if they withdrew their rights as the child’s father due to errors in the paternity determination.

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It is presumed that when a man and woman are married and have a child, the husband is automatically assumed to be the child’s biological and legal father. The man is also considered the biological father of the child if they attempted to marry the child’s mother. Still, the marriage was invalidated or deemed invalid by the time the child was conceived and born.

However, if the couple is unmarried and has a child, the father’s paternity can be established in one of three ways:

  • Voluntary Declaration of Paternity—If both the mother and father agree that the man is the child’s legal father, the man can sign the Declaration of Paternity form, which must be signed when the child is born. The form may be signed later and filed in person at the Office of Vital Records or the Southern Nevada Health District.
  • District Attorney Family Support Division—This division can be approached to file a paternity suit to establish paternity. Still, they are also involved in resolving other issues that may arise during the paternity suit.
  • Complaint to Establish Paternity or Paternity Lawsuit—One or both parties can also establish paternity by filing a court case to get the court involved. The judge can establish paternity by ordering a DNA test or by using statutory presumptions to identify who the legal father is.

It is important to note that if a mother does not know who the alleged father is or where they may be, the local Child Support Office in your area can assist. The court may also intervene if there is no clear presumption of paternity, especially if the child was conceived during a sexual assault.

Whether you wish to establish your paternity or get the documentation sorted out, you can trust our Summerlin father’s rights lawyer to assist you. We can help you understand your new legal obligations and resolve any issues that may arise if you do not have custody of your child. You can also ask questions of our lawyers if you have other concerns about your situation.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

For unmarried fathers, becoming involved in your child’s life can be challenging if you are not on good terms with the child’s mother. Some mothers may resist allowing the child’s father to participate in their upbringing and may even restrict access. Overcoming such barriers can be difficult because unmarried fathers in Nevada lack legal rights unless they establish paternity.

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Once your paternity is established and recognized by the court, the child’s mother cannot prevent you from participating in your child’s life. You gain the ability to exercise your parental rights and play a role in making important decisions that affect your child’s future. Moreover, your children gain access to your medical records, which can be crucial in identifying any potential health issues they may face. In the event of your passing, your children are also entitled to inherit your assets.

Our Summerlin, NV, family law firm is prepared to offer you legal assistance in obtaining recognition of your paternity from all parties involved. We will guide you through the legal process and advocate for your paternal rights, ensuring you can exercise them without obstacles.

Divorced Father’s Rights

For fathers who have recently divorced or are in the process of divorcing their child’s mother, it’s essential to recognize that they maintain the same rights to be actively involved in their child’s life, just as they would if they were still married to the child’s mother.

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In Nevada, the court does not automatically favor the mother during divorce proceedings. Instead, they carefully assess both parents to determine who should be granted child custody and support, considering their readiness for the responsibilities of parenthood. If the court finds that the father is qualified to serve as the custodial parent and capable of meeting all the child’s needs, custody may be awarded to him.

Our team of Summerlin father’s rights lawyers can guide you through these discussions, ensuring that your perspective is effectively presented for the court’s consideration. As your case progresses, we will recommend the most suitable legal actions and advocate vigorously for the best possible outcome.

Contesting Established Paternity

While uncommon, instances arise where a legal father obtains evidence regarding the true paternity of a child, prompting questions. Courts may mandate genetic testing to validate such claims, with results difficult to dispute. Those who have signed a declaration of paternity can retract their signature by filing requisite documents within two months of signing. Substantial evidence must demonstrate that the signing was erroneous or influenced by malicious intent.

However, suppose the purported father opposes being legally recognized as the child’s father, particularly if genetic testing proves otherwise or seeks recognition as the child’s father when initially unrecognized. In that case, the legal process can be protracted. The child’s age and the circumstances surrounding the initial handling of the paternity issue further complicate matters.

In such situations, it is advisable to consult a reputable and experienced Summerlin father’s rights lawyer. Our attorneys can evaluate the case, determine avenues to contest paternity and rectify documentation if necessary. We are committed to mitigating potential complications and achieving resolution.

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