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Apart from the obvious legal obstacles, significant mental and emotional stress is part of what people will go through when facing family law issues. That’s why, to make the process as efficient and least stressful as possible while protecting your and your family’s privacy, rights, and overall well-being, let our seasoned Las Vegas family law attorneys help you!

family law attorney Las Vegas consulting with clientDavis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is a team of meticulous, professional, and proactive lawyers with in-depth knowledge of and first-hand experience dealing with Nevada family law. Our comprehensive legal services are tailored to meet each client’s needs, ensuring we’ll lead you toward the most favorable legal resolution possible.

Regardless of the domestic problems that you’re dealing with, our skilled attorneys will thoroughly assess your case and make a systematic plan that will address all your legal concerns. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, domestic violence, paternity issues, or other family law-related problems, you can leave all the legal requirements to us.

From organizing and filing the necessary paperwork to representing you during negotiations and hearings, our family law attorneys will ensure that everything is done accurately and will set you up for a satisfactory resolution. We’ll eradicate your legal problem and help improve your domestic life simultaneously!

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Experienced Divorce Lawyers

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Problems concerning family law, much like any other legal matter, are best handled with the help of experienced professionals. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law has been serving Las Vegas for several years, giving our lawyers the skills, knowledge, and experience that make them even more effective and thriving in the field.

Having us in your corner ensures that your paperwork is complete, impeccable, and presented professionally and on time. We’ll also proactively advocate for your interests so you don’t have to settle for less favorable terms. Considering your unique circumstances, we will ensure that your rights are exercised and that any court ruling is reasonable.


If you’re considering filing a divorce or have just been served with divorce papers, discuss your situation with our Las Vegas family law attorneys immediately. We can handle all kinds of divorce cases, regardless of their complexity or sensitivity.

With our assistance and insight, we can streamline your divorce process so it will be completed as early as possible with minimal objection from the other party or emotionally charged arguments. Our lawyers will ensure that you’ll receive reasonable terms in every aspect that will be settled in your divorce, including spousal support, asset division, child custody, and child support.

Child Custody

Two types of custody are recognized in Nevada: physical and legal. Children spend their time in physical custody, while legal custody determines a parent’s decision-making authority. The extent of a parent’s custody is determined by either a mutual agreement (achieved through mediation) or a court’s ruling (given after a trial).

Our family law attorneys can help you secure reasonable terms to protect your child’s welfare and interests if you choose to go through mediation. We’ll do our best to reach a custody agreement with the least possible arguments and emotional outbursts. If an agreement is not feasible through mediation, rest assured that we’ll aggressively put your interests forward during the trial.

Child Support

Like custody issues, determining child support arrangements is done with your kid’s best interests. As your family attorney, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will help ensure that your child is adequately provided for while also considering your and the other parent’s financial capacity.

We will ensure that the child support amount is fair to both parents and incredibly beneficial to the kids involved. If you’re the paying parent, our lawyers will see that you won’t be paying any more than what’s reasonable. We can also help you ask for modifications should circumstantial changes warrant them. If you’re the receiving parent, we can even help you seek the court’s assistance in enforcing the child support order should the paying parent ever refuse to follow the terms.

Father’s Rights

Being unmarried to your child’s mother shouldn’t stop you from exercising your parental rights. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can assign a passionate family law attorney to your case and help establish your rights as a father.

With us as your legal representative, you can efficiently legitimize your paternity and protect the rights and privileges that come with it. We’ll help secure fair visitation and decision-making rights, bringing you closer to being an active, valuable father figure in your child’s life.

On the other hand, we can also help contest or renounce your paternity. If you have any reason to believe that you wrongly acknowledge a child as your own, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help prove to the court that you’re not the child’s biological father and effectively sever your legal obligations as well.

Domestic Violence

Whether it’s you or someone else who is suffering from domestic violence, keep our family law attorneys in mind and ask for help. Your safety is our top priority, so if you work with us, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will ensure you get the protection you need as soon as possible. Requesting an appropriate protective order and aggressively advocating for your rights to hold your abuser accountable are two things we’ll do perfectly for you.

We understand that dealing with domestic violence can be more than just a case of physically protecting yourself. Shame and fear of drastic changes in your home life may be just two of the other significant things you’re considering. However, remember that it’s best to address the problem immediately before it’s too late to protect yourself or your loved ones from the worst. So take the first legal step to do this right with Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law today!

Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

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Regarding family law matters, trust our experienced team at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to help ease things for you. We are well-versed in Nevada family law and provide top-tier service to efficiently resolve any family law-related issues. Our Las Vegas, NV, law firm offers a supportive environment, tailored legal strategies, and a commitment to minimizing stress and expenses.

Remember, your family’s well-being is our priority. Rest assured that we’ll iron out your legal obstacles while aiming for terms that best benefit your entire home.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law today at (702) 919-6469 for a Free Consultation with a Las Vegas Family Law attorney!