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Enterprise Child Support Attorney

paternity lawyer Las VegasChild support is monetary support paid by a parent to assist with the upbringing and expenses related to their child. When two parents are married, it is assumed that both parents are contributing to the support of their children.

However, when parents are unmarried or divorced, child support may be calculated to ensure that the child’s needs continue to be met long-term. Based on your unique situation, you may be eligible to receive support payments for your child or may be ordered to pay them.

Our dedicated and experienced Enterprise child support lawyers can assist you with understanding what your child support obligation may be, or what you can expect to receive.

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How Child Support is Calculated in Nevada

child support calculationsEach state has specific guidelines for how they determine child support. Nevada has standardized guidelines for awarding child support, based on specific factors relating to the parents and their situation. The final, binding decision made by the courts will take those factors into consideration along with their main goal of acting in the best interests of the child or children that are impacted.

Nevada Child Support award factors include:

  • The income of each parent
  • How many children they share
  • The amount of time children spend with each parent

In addition to determining who receives the support payments, there are also guidelines in place for determining the amount of the child support award, based on the income of the parent who is responsible for paying. For one child, it is 18% of your gross monthly income, 25% for two children, and so on. Additional factors, such as special medical or educational needs of the child, can also impact your support obligation or payment.

Child Support Enforcement

child support and spousal support enforcement Las VegasNot receiving your court-awarded child support payments? We assist with child support enforcement, helping you to obtain the support that you have been promised and need for your child. We can assist with enacting payroll deductions for automatic payments or take other potential measures on your behalf to help resolve the lapse in payment.

We are experienced at handling Enterprise, NV child support enforcement, and are ready to assist you with dedicated legal support!

Child Support Modification

Las Vegas child custody and child support law firmCircumstances change. You may have lost your job, had other unforeseen financial difficulties, or may find at any time that you are no longer able to meet your child support requirements.

Before you fall into lapse, reach out to a dedicated and experienced child support modification attorney that can review your situation and help you get a payment that is more in line with your means while still providing the support your child needs.

Free Consultation with a Enterprise Child Support Lawyer

Enterprise Child Support Attorney logo 1 1 opt 300x75Whether you need assistance with understanding your child support obligation or are looking for modification or enforcement of existing child support orders, we are here for you. Our Enterprise child support attorneys take your case personally.

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